10 Cool Gadgets under 500.

We already have several listings of gadgets buying suggestions. Be it an earphone, speaker, laptop or mobile phone, we try to cover every possible gadget. Today, we are bringing a different kind of post that brings unique gadgets of a specific price bracket. In this article, I am listing cool gadgets you can buy in the price range of Rs. 500. Few of these are really unique and helpful. So, have a look in this listing.

1. 12X Optical lens for smartphones

This one is my personal favorite, so I am adding it to the top. This is for mobile photographers and brings the optical zoom function on any smartphone. The 12X optical zoom is really helpful in capturing long-distance shots. This is ideal for capturing birds or scenery shots where you cannot get close to objects. It is really easy to use and you can also carry it in your pocket. When you can to use it, just clip in front of your phone’s primary camera and capture photos.

2. Portronics Multi-Functional Cable

This is another useful thing you can buy without spending much. It is a multi-functional cable with a micro USB, Type-C and Lightning cables combined into one. So, you can charge three different devices at the same time. If you own an Android phone and an iPhone, you will not have to bring separate cables for charging them.

3. Gadgets Bag

If you carry lots of gadgets, managing them and their charging cables is not an easy task. This SMART TRENDS Electronic Digital Gadgets Bag is ideal for carrying different gadgets and charging cable in an organized manner. It has Built-in strap and buffer layer for protection against minor bumps and scratches. It is rustproof and shockproof. It is also waterproof that can survive water splashes.

4. Selfie Ring Light

If you capture lots of selfies or make videos for TikTok or Instagram, this cool gadget is for you. This is a Soft White Color Selfie Ring Light with there different color modes. So, you can capture photos or videos even in dark environment. The best thing about this product is that it runs on 2 AAA batteries, so it doesn’t consume the power of your phone. You can select the brightness level depending on the environment and then use. It is easy to clip at the top of your phone or laptop. So, there’s no problem in using it.

5. Cartup High Speed USB Hub

This is another useful tool that can help in our daily life. This USB hub adds more USB ports, SD card reader, M2 Card reader, and microSD card reader on your laptop and desktop by using just one existing USB port.

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6. CallMate Adapter with Triple USB Charger

This is a charging adapter with Triple USB Charger Ports. So, you can charge three devices using this wall adapter. It has the advantage of QC 3.0 and all three ports ave 5V 3.1 Amp output support. If your phone supports fast charging, it will deliver.

7. Alloy Steel Screwdriver Set

If you can do basic hardware troubleshooting of your desktop or laptop, this Screwdriver Set can be a good buy for you. It is 25 in 1 Alloy Steel Screwdriver Set you can use for disassembling computers, smartphones, glasses, watches, etc. It is durable and convenient to use. It also comes with a high-end leather wallet to hold the screwdrivers.

8. Water Purifier Bottle

This is for travelers. This 700ml water bottle has a built-i water purifier offering instant purification. So, you can fill water from any source and consume it without worrying about impurities. It can remove 99.9999% Bacteria, major heavy metals, and waterborne contaminants.

9. Jiada LED Balloons

This is for home decor and party. This is a set of 25 LED balloons to decorate your home. Ballons are of mix colors and perfect for any occasion. You just need to hold the balloon gently and pull the paper tag to activate the LED. The LED light lasts for up to 12 hrs.

10. LED Solar Emergency Light Bulb

This is also for travelers or for people living in remote areas. This Emergency Light runs for 2 to 3 hours and takes around 4 hours in charging using solar power. You can also charge it using electricity or use with 3 AAA batteries in case you couldn’t charge it using solar power. It can also charge your phone for up to 250mAH. But that is also a big help in case of emergency.

Cool Gadgets Under 500 INR

Cool gadgets under Rs. 500Buy Here
12X Optical lens for smartphonesBuy Here
Portronics Multi-Functional CableBuy Here
Gadgets BagBuy Here
Selfie Ring LightBuy Here
Cartup High Speed USB HubBuy Here
CallMate Adapter with Triple USB ChargerBuy Here
Alloy Steel Screwdriver SetBuy Here
Water Purifier BottleBuy Here
Jiada LED BalloonsBuy Here
LED Solar Emergency Light BulbBuy Here

NOTE: The prices of these products may vary as per the availability.

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