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People are exploring (cheap countries) and want to enjoying different parts of the world, every travel enthusiast would want to do the same. Who doesn’t love to travel? Everybody works hard and hard-earned money should be valued and spent righteously. Taking a break from the busy schedule, going on a solo trip to a foreign country with a low budget or with family and friends, will make you refreshed and money well spent.


Cambodia is the best place to get refreshed and the city is full of old charm. It offers travellers various ancient sites with impressive architectural style and incredible natural views. You would love to explore untouched beaches, Markets, ancient historic structures, etc.

Best places to visit in Cambodia are Preah Vihear, Sihanoukville, Tonlé Sap, Silver Pagoda, Bokor Hill Station, Kratie, Koh Ker, Banteay Srei, Bayon Temple, Angkor Wat, etc.

However, the legal age for drinking in Cambodia is 21 years.

  • 1₹ = 60៛ Cambodian riel in Cambodia.
  • It might cost around 15000₹ for round trip flight.
  • It might cost around 2000₹ for one-week accommodation and food charges might take around 1000₹ 
  • The entire Cambodia trip might cost upto17000₹


This country is tiny yet has amazing places that offer many exciting things to do and a few stunning sites to behold and relish the beauty of nature. Vietnam is famous for beautiful palm-lined coasts, amidst tiny cheerful bars and shacks lined on it. Boating trips, Luxury Cruising at affordable prices, soothing Spas and therapies, water sports such as snorkelling, to nearby islands and coral reefs located near the beach, Surfing and Scuba Diving at Nha Trang. Explore the Natural Beauty of Vietnam, lively Shopping Spots, Vibrant Beaches, cheerful Nightlife and a good local culture. Places to visit in Vietnam include Hoi An Ancient Town, Cu Chi Tunnels, Ha Long Bay, Phon Nha-Ke Bang National Park, My Son Hindu Sanctuary, Mui Ne Sand Dunes, Ho Chi Minh City, etc

The legal age to consume alcohol in Vietnam is 18 years. 

  • 1₹ = 333 dongs in Vietnam
  • It might cost around 20000₹ for flight tickets.
  • It might cost around 5000₹ for one-week accommodation and food.
  • The entire Vietnam trip might cost up to 25000₹


Every travel enthusiasts must travel bucket list destination – Indonesia, holding most spectacular island views and amazing party life this country attracts a myriad of travellers every year. Indonesia is famous for Bali and other tourist places in Indonesia include Ubud, Kuta, Lombok, Gili Islands, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Mount Bromo, Baliem Valley, Raja Ampat, Komodo National Park, etc. You will never fall short of places to visit in Indonesia. Sparkling beaches, Diverse culture and Safe environment with great ambience and hospitality will make you visit it more often. It is one of the best countries to Travel in Cheap from India.

The legal age to consume alcoholic drinks in Indonesia is 21 years of age. 

  • 1₹ = 207 Rp/Indonesia Rupiah in Indonesia.
  • It might cost around 4000₹ for one-week accommodation and food.
  • The entire Indonesia trip might cost up to 15000₹


 A long narrow country holding more than 6,000 kilometres of the coastline. It offers some of the most fun and adventurous destinations on earth. Chile is famous for the sightseeing attractions in Chile are dry deserts, awe-inspiring scenic glaciers and fjords and various activities as well as inactive volcanoes which will enthral you beyond limits. Best Places to visit in Chile include Chiloe Churches, Los Pinguinos Natural Monument, Cerro San Cristobal, Valparaiso, Valle De La Luna, San Rafael Glacier, Lauca National Park, etc. Chile is a perfect holiday destination to go with your friends, family and even as a solo traveller. You will fall in love with chile because of its variety of Landscapes, friendly locals, culture, glaciers and safety for tourists in the country.

The legal age to consume and purchase all types of alcoholic drinks in Chile is 18 years of age for beer, wine and spirits.

  • 1₹= 1.16 Peso in Chile.
  • It might cost around 10000₹ for one-week accommodation with food.
  • However, the flight ticket fairs are a bit expensive 60000₹


Hungary is famous for classic old historical attractions, which influences from diverse cultures including Italian Renaissance designers and Turkish invaders. You can behold the alluring scenery, beautiful, serene villages, spectacular lakes and mountains with lovely river scenes in Hungary.

Each city in the country has something unique to offer, Hungary is a growing destination for great spa breaks, Hungarian food has a burst of flavours and offers mouth-watering dishes, Hungary also produces some of the best wines. Hungary is a perfect family holiday destination as the country doesn’t fall short on world heritage site many prominent world heritage sites include Pannonhalma, Budapest, Pecs, Holloko, Aggtelek, Tokaj, Hortobagy and Ferto. Even with all these highlights, Hungary is inexpensive. It offers great opportunities for everyone who enjoys adventure activities such as hiking and other outdoor activities. 

Popular places to visit in Hungary include Eger Castle, Cathedral of St. Peter, Visegrád Royal Palace, The Buda Hill, Sopron, Caves of Lillafüred, etc. 

The legal age for drinking in Hungary is 18 years.

  • 1₹= 4Ft Hungarian Forint in Hungary 
  • One week of accommodation including food will cost around 7000₹
  • The flight ticket’s fair is around 25000₹


Despite the growing population about international travel, Mongolia is one of the best places to travel. Capital Ulaanbaatar and other splendid sweeping wonders, in Mangolia you can come across the best tourist spots in the world. Mongolia is famous for vast, dense and rugged expanses fostering nomadic culture and tradition. Particularly known for holding on its enormous rich culture and traditions.

Exploring Mongolia would be providing travellers with a spectacular unique experience since the place has an extraordinary history and captivating scenic beauty fastened. It is called “Land of Blue skies” and a relaxing destination because of the amazing and best tourist places in Mongolia it has to offer to every traveller in both winter and summer season. Popular places to visit in Mongolia include Khuvsgul Lake, Terelj National Park, Gobi Desert, Altai 5 bogd, Orkhon valley, Hustai National Park, Ulaanbaatar city, Karakorum-Erdene Zuu, Khorgo Terkini Tsagaan Nuur National Park and Tsagaan suvarga.

  • 1₹=36₮ Mongolian tögrög in Mongolia 
  • One week of accommodation including food will cost around 5000₹
  • It might cost around 20000₹ for the flight ticket.
  • Entire trip might cost around 25000₹


With its natural beauties of caves, forests and never-ending waterways, it is an ideal destination for nature lovers. From adventurous activities such as kayaking, cycling, zip-lining, trekking to visiting temples and going on spiritual pilgrims, Laos offers travellers many things and can surprise you with its flourishing culture and original nature. Popularly known as the “Land of million elephants”, you can hardly find any elephants left here. There are lots of precautions and important things to know before you visit Laos which will be explained by our expert from Sushant Travels. 

Popular places to visit in Laos include Luang Prabang, That Luang, Vang Vieng, Wat Si Saket, etc.

You will love Laos for its Food culture and taste, Flawless wilderness, Relaxation and Rejuvenation, great History and Mekong River Sunsets.

The legal drinking age for drinking in Laos is 18 years. However, you may have to display your ID proof before purchasing alcohol here.

  • 1₹= 122 ₭ Lao kip in Laos
  • One week of accommodation will cost you around 3000₹
  • The flight tickets around 16000₹


Paraguay is a landlocked country of South America is rich in its natural resources provides the largest drinking water reservoir and is the biggest hydroelectricity producer. San Bernardino, Aregua, San Lorenzo, Encarnacion, pilar, Nueva Australia are some popular attractions, enjoy visit to Iguazu falls and football museum.

Best time to visit Paraguay is between the months of April to September

  • 1₹=63₲ Paraguayan Guarani in Paraguay
  • It will cost you around 6000₹ for one week of accommodation including food.
  • However, the flight ticket cost is too high around 70000₹, as it lies very far from India. 


South Korea is a canvas painted vibrantly with an original festive, cultural and religious heritage. The music and dance vibe of the country is reflective of its lively old world charm and it is no secret that Koreans enjoy year-round festivals. With the best tourist places to visit in South Korea, it is a place of astounding historical importance. Be it the Gyeongbokgung Palace, or the intact heritage city of Gyeongju, Korea owns a rich history, decorated with royal tombs, palaces and temples.

Popular tourist places to visit in South Korea are Bukchon Hanok Village, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Lotte Mart, Mount Namsan. Things to do in South Korea are Underground Shopping Centre visits, visiting a Cat Café and Take the Korean Fire Noodle Challenge. 

Photo taken in Seoul, South Korea

South Korea is famous for unique activities, amazing street food, protected culture, this country is both convenient for tourists and safe for tourists.

The Legal age to consume alcoholic drinks in South Korea is 19 years of age and you are advised to carry an age proof to verify the same.

  • 1₹=16 ₩, South Korean Won
  • One week of accommodation may cost around 20000₹


 Uzbekistan will enchant you with its cultural discoveries and incredible natural beauties. You can take a historical tour to this place and visit famous places in Uzbekistan such as Samarkand, Bukhara, Kokhand, or an adventure tour in Uzbekistan to Tashkent northeast. There are lots of tours that take up couples for a whole Central Asia tour and to enjoy the real honeymoon, couples can pick the Yurts and enjoy the nomad style of living for a few days. There are loads of hotels in Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and resorts too for a honeymoon stay.

Best time to visit Uzbekistan is between the months of April to June and September, October. 

  • 1₹= 116 soʻm, Uzbekistani soʻm
  • One week of accommodation can cost you around 4500₹
  • Flight ticket might cost around 15000₹

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