Dream 11 easy tips to create winning team

Dream 11 winning tips

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Want to know how you can create winning teams on Dream11? Then you’re in the right place. Below are six key points that will help you create winning teams and win big on Dream11. Let’s get started!

1. Play Selected Matches

One of the biggest mistakes fantasy players make is that they play all the matches to try earn more money. This is even if they have zero knowledge about the matches, resulting in them losing their money. You should avoid doing this if you want to earn money from fantasy sports.

2. Research

This is the most important and underrated thing in fantasy sports. People may think that doing research is just a waste of time, but a little bit of research can make your team stand out in the crowd. Some of the information you should collect includes:

  • Stats about players’ recent performances
  • How the pitch behaves
  • Squad information
  • How teams perform batting first vs chasing
  • How the players perform at certain venues or verses certain teams

This will help make you feel confident before the match.

3. Creating Your Dream Team

So after you have done your research, you need to create your team.

A key tip is that creating multiple teams increase your chances of winning. One should focus on all-rounders in their teams, as they will give you points for both batting and bowling and are good choice for captaincy options. Also, in limited overs matches, you should pick bowlers who bowl in the powerplay and death overs, as chances of picking wickets is high.

With the new point system in Dream11, 1-2 wickets can decide the winner of a match. Also, try to go with top order batsmen in T20s as they will get the chance to face most deliveries in match.

Importantly, always follow your instincts while creating teams.

4. Don’t Invest All Your Money in One Match

Another big mistake that fantasy players make is that after they winning a match or two, they invest all their money in one match. If luck doesn’t favour them, they lose all their money.

You should invest equal amount in every match. For example, if you have Rs.10000 you should divide it in 10 parts i.e. invest Rs.1000 in every match. This way you can earn more in a longer run in Dream11.

5. Don’t be afraid to take risks!

You should not be afraid of taking risks. There are many people who play Dream11, and most of them have about 8-9 of the same players in their teams. This is particularly the case since Dream11’s decision to change the deadline time. Taking a risk on one or two players can help you win big.

Dream11 shows you the selection percentage of players and taking risk on some players work wonders. No player will perform the same way in every match and this is where “research” (point 2) helps you a lot.

6. Selecting your captain and vice-captain

A huge part of creating your team. After all, it can mean the difference between winning big or “going home”.

The captain of your team gives you two times the points scored by him/her and the vice-captain gives 1.5 times the points scored. So it’s very important to select players who you think will top the performance charts of that match, backed by research and key insights.

Also, Dream11 shows you that which players are people’s top choice for captaincy and vice-captaincy. So, you can make your choice of who to go with.


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