How Class 10 students get marks after cancellation of exams.

class 10 exams has been cancel

CBSE Board Exam 2021 Updates: CBSE 12th board exams 2021 have been postponed & CBSE 10th board exams 2021 have been cancelled. New exam dates for CBSE 12th board exams 2021 are expected to be announced on or after 1st June after CBSE will assess the situation due to COVID-19. Also, exam dates will be announced 15 days before exams start. Meanwhile, many students of CBSE 10th are wondering on what basis CBSE will give marks. Here we provided the official updates and details about last year’s assessment scheme used by the board. 

Marks In CBSE Class 10 Result 2021 Will Be Calculated On Objective Criterion To Be Developed By Board:

Important points from the official notification are:

– CBSE 10th Result 2021 will be declared based on objective criterion (to be set by the board).

– Students not satisfied with their CBSE 10th Result 2021 will be allowed to appear for exams (to be conducted if the conditions are conductive)

Here objective criterion implies CBSE will create an assessment scheme consisting of some set of rules. This is yet to be developed by the board and most probably the weightage of internal assessment in the new scheme might be high. We are expecting that CBSE will soon provide more updates regarding the objective criterion or the assessment scheme. 

In the official notification, CBSE has also pointed out that students who are not happy with their result can appear for optional CBSE 10th board exams 2021 later. These optional exams will be conducted when the situation due to COVID-19 get better.  

Last Year’s Alternate Assessment Scheme Use To Calculate Marks in CBSE 10th Result

Here are important points from the last year’s alternate assessment scheme used by the board to calculate the marks in CBSE Result 2021. It might be helpful for many students & other people who are wondering on what basis s CBSE will give marks.

– If a student has appeared for more than 3 exams, the average of three papers marks will be used as scores for pending papers

– For those students who appeared in lesser papers, the average will be based on the two highest-scoring subjects and allotted to the remaining papers.

– For students who have not appeared for less than three exams, their score will be marked as per internal/ practical/ project assessment.

Now students of CBSE Class 12th have to wait till 1st June for the update. In the meantime, students of CBSE Class 12 are advised to check CBSE Sample Papers, Previous Year Papers, CBSE Syllabus and other resources to enhance their level of preparation. Links to access these resources are given below.

for more info you may check the official site of the CBSE board www.cbse.nic


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